Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter - Honolulu, Hawaii

Mother and Daughter – Honolulu, Hawaii

I’m starting a series of photographs revolving around the beach and the approaching sunset. Unlike some of my initial beach photos from this year’s Hawaii coverage, these will be bright, colorful, and cheerful. Monochrome can be moody and contemplative but not always uplifting.

Golden hour is always a fantastic time for photography, especially when you have such a glorious sunset as a backdrop. Of course, the interaction of mother and daughter makes the picture.

I did extensive post-processing to create this, however. As you can guess, the subjects were backlit and nearly dark silhouettes. The Fujifilm GFX 50R allowed me to do extreme shadow lifting without any image quality degradation. I also used the healing tool to remove distracting elements in the foreground. All courtesy of Capture One. It’s one of my favorite images from this year’s trip.

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