Tiffany Glow

Tiffany Glow - Honolulu, Hawaii

Tiffany Glow – Honolulu, Hawaii

Steps away from where I snapped yesterday’s photo, is this jewel of a retailer. Tiffany’s is an upscale jewelry chain that is well-known throughout the world. In fact, this section of Kalakaua Avenue is packed with high-end retail catering to the affluent tourist crowd.

My blue hour photos, almost by necessity, include the electric blue sky. However, the cool evening color of blue hour has dramatically influenced this image. The light blues of the exterior combines with the world-famous Tiffany blue and the golden color inside. Resulting in this glowing giant jewel box.

I don’t usually shop at these places. On the other hand, I love their visual appeal. High-end stores like these spend a lot of money to make themselves look enticing. Capturing them at a magical time of the day makes for attractive imagery.

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