Louis Vuitton Glow

Louis Vuitton Glow - Honolulu, Hawaii

Louis Vuitton Glow – Honolulu, Hawaii

Continuing with images of glowing upscale retail in Waikiki, we have Louis Vuitton. I’m a short distance away from yesterday’s Prada. Located on the western corner of Kalakaua Avenue and Lewers Street, the architecture looks to have an Asian influence. I see it in the roof shingles and window details.

The highly graphic crosswalk design signifies this as a “scramble” zone. At least that’s what the Japanese call these things in Tokyo. At a designated point, all the pedestrian lights turn on. Allowing them to cross the entire intersection at whatever angle they desire. It’s like a mad scramble to get across the street. Through in Hawaii, it’s more like an amble. Life is more relaxed there than in Tokyo, with a whole lot fewer people.

Across the street, on Kalakaua, we have the Tiffany Glow, which I featured more than a month ago. It’s a fancy area, to be sure. I don’t shop at these places. I just used them for visual drama.

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