Prada Glow

Prada Glow - Honolulu, Hawaii

Prada Glow – Honolulu, Hawaii

I made it to Kalakaua Avenue during blue hour. A half-mile, 10-minute walk from the beach after shooting the post-sunset color. The upscale retail congregates here near Lewers Street. I took the opportunity to capture the glow of the high-end stores.

I’m not interested in designer fashion, though my wife has purchased a few baubles from some name brands. Not that I don’t like nice things. Certainly, my current camera, the Fujifilm GFX 50S II, is an expensive and wholly unnecessary purchase. Why such an expensive camera when the latest smartphone will do, right?

But hobbies are an interesting phenomenon. Perhaps they exist to suck money away so that you need to keep on working. Like all passionate enthusiasts, regular devices won’t do. I need and enjoy my uber camera to make mundane images of glowing stores. Whatever makes you happy, right?

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