Halekulani Beach

Halekulani Beach - Honolulu, Hawaii

Halekulani Beach – Honolulu, Hawaii

I might have mentioned that I’m not a morning person. However, for the first few days in Hawaii, it’s easy to get up early because of timezone differences. I started my walk out on the beach around 6am.

It’s a quiet time, even on the usually packed Waikiki Beach. Early risers enjoy their moments of contemplation. I was out there with the Fujifilm GFX 50R to document. A relatively compact setup for medium format using the Fuji 50mm f3.5 lens.

This is the tiny strip of beach near the Halekulani, Waikiki’s most upscale hotel. Ironically, it has the worst beachfront and erosion has made it worse. With cement walls and deteriorating structures, it’s not particularly attractive either.

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