Torchy’s Sparkle

Torchy's Sparkle - Austin, Texas

Torchy’s Sparkle – Austin, Texas

Blue Hour passed, and I headed east among the skyscrapers. 2nd Street is always a good destination, and Torchy’s is the first visually attractive establishment. I think Torchy’s Tacos is still its official name. But it is known simply as Torchy’s. They started in Austin now with 15 local locations. They are growing fast. Their website shows that they’ve spread to a dozen states.

Austinites take their tacos seriously, and Torchy’s and others complete seriously here. My favorite is Taco Deli. This Torchy’s is as fancy as these taco joints get. I especially love capturing it at night.

Torchy's Sparkle - Austin, Texas

I liked both the color and black and white versions. So I posted both. The bits of blue along with the reddish hue add some variety. The monochrome is beautifully contrasty. I mentioned yesterday that the Fujifilm GF35-70mm has a slow aperture. Which increases the depth of field. The foreground car is not very blurred even when focused on the store. This is at f5. Which is equivalent to a full frame f4 depth of field. Very usable for in city shooting

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