Thomas and Tyler

Thomas and Tyler - Blanco, Texas

Thomas and Tyler – Blanco, Texas

We finally get a good look at the simulated old west town in this wider perspective. Ironically, I used a longer lens to create this — switching from the GF80mm f1.7 to the GF110mm f2. I borrowed these lenses at this Fujifilm-sponsored event, and someone wanted to play with the 80mm, a perfect opportunity to switch to their other portrait lens, the 110.

Fujifilm’s GF110mm f2 is beefy and expensive. At an 86.9mm equivalent, it’s the classic focal length for portraiture. Yet, I’m leaning towards the GF80mm for my next purchase. Why? The 80mm lens is smaller, lighter, faster, and less expensive. Creating portraits, while fun, doesn’t drive my photography — shooting mostly at Drink and Clicks. At these crowded events, a longer focal length is a disadvantage since people can jump in front of you and block your shot. Thus, 80mm is a more practical choice for me.

However, given fewer constraints, and a desire for in-depth portraiture, the GF110mm is probably the superior lens. The longer focal length compresses and better isolates the subject. Perhaps in the future, depending on the direction of my photography, I will end up owning both lenses.

In this first photo, at f2, the shallow depth of field isolates the couple and tames the cluttered background.

Thomas and Tyler - Blanco, Texas

Thomas and Tyler – Blanco, Texas

I did not execute this second portrait effectively. Getting closer, I opened the aperture one stop at f2.8, which increased the depth of field. However, f2.8 was still inadequate to get the entire couple in sharp focus. While Tyler is perfectly focused, Thomas’ face is softer than I like. If I were being analytical, I could have used a depth of field calculator instead of just winging it.

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