Surprising Selection

Camera Department, Best Buy - New York, New York

Camera Department, Best Buy – New York, New York

After meeting my college friend at Bryant Park, we did some window shopping, having time before dinner for two stores, including Best Buy. I am Susie’s technical support, and I gave her a tour of the latest gadgets.

The urban Best Buy is a little different from the suburban ones. The per floor footprint is smaller, but this location had 3 or 4 floors. I was surprised to find a substantial camera department — not the first place I think of cameras.

The end-cap featured Panasonic and Fujifilm. And although I’m a Fujifilm user, I don’t consider it a famous brand. While well known to enthusiast photographers, I doubt it has made it into the mainstream consciousness (other than the Fuji Instax instant cameras). I didn’t spend time there, but you can see the point and shoots on the left. I’m guessing the other side displays Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

My closest Best Buy only carries a small smattering of the biggest brands though I heard the South Austin store has a better selection. Given the popularity of camera phones, this is a prodigious display. Perhaps there are more dedicated cameras used in New York City.

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2 thoughts on “Surprising Selection

  1. Surprisingly, Best Buy has been my go-to for half of my camera equipment! Whether it was my first Canon 10+ years old, decade-old camera bag, or new Fujifilm pancake lens, Best Buy’s been my quiet camera place. (And the return policy isn’t bad.) Everything else brick& mortar has been wiped.

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