Old and New Signs

Mosaic Sign, Grand Central - New York, New York

Mosaic Sign, Grand Central – New York, New York

The older subway stations have intricately detailed signs and mosaic accents. Too bad this one from Grand Central is nasty looking. Is the New York City subway system too broke to do some cleaning? Or is the generally disheveled state so accepted that no one notices or cares?

In my naive appraisal, a little elbow grease can make a big difference in prettying up a place. Old is not bad, even preferable, if well-maintained.

Subway Crowd - New York, New York

On the positive side, I was blown away by these new digital signs. Bravo, New York Transit Authority. Not only does it give a clear indication of the next set of stations, but it also estimates the upcoming train arrivals. This sign is amazing for New York.

Back in the 1980s, when I took the subway to high school, waiting for the train could be stressful. The system was a black hole, not knowing when the next train would arrive. When you need a reliable train to get to school on time for a test, knowing if there’s a delay would’ve made a difference.

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