Breakfast at La Panaderia

La Panaderia - San Antonio, Texas

La Panaderia – San Antonio, Texas

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After a morning stroll through the River Walk, my wife and I took breakfast at La Panaderia, a popular restaurant in San Antonio. Our son, who lives in the city, recommended the place. There are two locations. We went to the one on East Houston Street in the heart of downtown.

The interior detailing was superior to typical newer suburban establishments. The old building and mismatched chairs give the impression of a business that’s been around for generations. Surprisingly, brothers José and David Cáceres opened the bakery in 2014.

La Panaderia - San Antonio, Texas

At 10:30, there was a short line. As usual, I entertained myself with photography, documenting the street.

La Panaderia - San Antonio, Texas

Once inside, you are greeted by a long counter on the right. A series of large black pendant lights create a photographically desirable repeating element. There’s also the opportunity to capture the action behind the counter as they fulfill orders.

Breakfast, La Panaderia - San Antonio, Texas

Below the counter, a long case packed with bread and sweets, mostly of Mexican origin. You let them know what you want, and they pack it in front of you. We opted for a mix of several baked goods. Some, we planned to eat in the restaurant. Others were for a snack later in the day.

Since we were on a mini weekend vacation, I relaxed my usual low-carb and no breakfast rule.

Breakfast, La Panaderia - San Antonio, Texas
Breakfast, La Panaderia - San Antonio, Texas

My wife ordered a breakfast sandwich, El Favorito (Sunny Side Up), with eggs, ham, and Swiss cheese. I just got a croissant. Both were tasty. My croissant was solid though not the best I ever had.

La Panaderia - San Antonio, Texas

I made one last “street photograph” from the comfort of my table. The Fujifilm XF16-80mm is versatile and perfect for one camera and one lens solution. It excels for vacations when you want a do-all lens.

The seven pictures ranged in focal length from 24mm to 71mm equivalents. With excellent in-lens image stabilization, I optimized image quality for static subjects. I shot the two breakfast items on the table at 1/8 of a second.

For my street photographs, which I typically convert to monochrome, I kept the shutter speeds at 1/60 or above. The lens has a slow minimum f4 aperture. However, the ISO stayed at 1250 or below. From food to architecture to street photography, it’s nice to have a versatile lens.

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