Halsell Center Renovation

Halsell Center, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Halsell Center, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

In yesterday’s photo essay about the new Dicke Hall, I mentioned that it was part of a three-building complex. Next to Dicke Hall and connected by an elevated walkway is the renovated Halsell Center. Designed by architect O’Neil Ford and built in 1968, Ewing Halsell Center housed Trinity’s first computer, an IBM 360 model 44. The building is part of Trinity’s National Historic District as recognized by The National Parks Service.

Perhaps the most significant change in its recent renovation is the skylight and new openings in the floor, allowing natural light to enter deep into the building. It creates a mini-atrium, as we see, in the picture, lighting up the striking red chairs.

Halsell Center, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

I noticed this glowing wall with the newly restored mural at the entrance. The updated ceiling and lighting give new life to this fifty-four-year structure.

The last building in the three-building complex is the Chapman Center. Currently undergoing renovation and scheduled for completion by the fall of 2023.

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