Experiencing Dough

Interior, Dough - San Antonio, Texas

Interior, Dough – San Antonio, Texas

When my wife and I visit San Antonio, it’s an opportunity to take our sons out to dinner. Our default is TexMex because even though San Antonio is less than 100 miles south of Austin, the food is tremendously better. For our first night out, we did something different.

Dough is a Neapolitan pizza restaurant in Southtown, a gentrifying area south of downtown. My older son heard good things, so we gave it a try. My opinion? I think they made solid pizza, but not exceptional. I consider myself a pizza connoisseur, so I’m probably pickier than most. And although Neapolitan pizza is different from New York style, the entire family agreed that Austin’s Home Slice is better. I appreciate Dough’s passion, however. They take pride in their food.

I also like Dough’s interior design carved out of a renovated building.

Interior, Dough - San Antonio, Texas

Living in the era of pre-fabricated, cookie-cutter environments, especially in the suburbs, experiencing a unique urban setting elevates the dining — character counts. I crave visually attractive spaces and love documenting them.

Dough - San Antonio, Texas

It was dark when we left, with the remnants of a just finished blue hour. The restaurant is cute and repurposed from some past life. The warm glow inside and the gathering under the porch create a welcoming atmosphere.

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