Upscale Industrial

Upscale Industrial, Pearl District - San Antonio, Texas

Upscale Industrial, Pearl District – San Antonio, Texas

Only a few months after my visit in the summer, the Peal District opened up another area just north of Emma Koehler street. What appears as just a parking lot in Google Maps have transformed into an upscale industrial-looking space.

I’m unclear if “upscale industrial” is a valid architectural or development term — it’s something I made up. However, I think you know what I mean by looking at this picture. I suppose the flowing white drapes and mood lighting help add class to the structure. However, the detailing and the materials make it clear that it’s designed with purpose while not looking too fussy.

San Antonio is less than 100 miles south of Austin, but I see differences in the architecture. It seems to be more creative and organically evolving. Perhaps with the slower pace of growth, San Antonio can add details over time. Austin is like the impatient little brother, explosively growing and capturing the limelight but filled with generic development lacking substance.

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