6 Train Arrives

6 Train Arrives - New York, New York

6 Train Arrives – New York, New York

I shot with the smaller and less conspicuous Fujifilm X100V in the subway system, with only a few exceptions. I selectively busted out the significantly larger Fujifilm GFX 50S II for this photo. It’s a big enough camera. I’m conscious of using it in certain places.

Beyond the improved image quality you can’t make out in this tiny picture, I wanted to create motion blur. The in-body image stabilization, which the X100V lacks, is necessary. A tripod will also work, but not something you want to use on a subway platform.

You’ll notice some of the same people as in yesterday’s photo — I was probably standing in the same spot. However, the 28mm equivalent focal length, with a change in subject to the incoming train, produced a very different image from the 35mm equivalent aimed at passengers — two very different views of the same place minutes apart.

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7 thoughts on “6 Train Arrives

  1. I’m loving the NYC series! Makes me feel right at home with so many recognizable locations and great photography.

      1. I’m mostly in NYC for about 6 weeks in July-August, but make up for lost time taking photos while there.

      2. Yes, still living in Austin, and doing more travel as COVID-19 restrictions are more relaxed. Seems a lot of cousins’ kids are now getting married with weddings all over including Europe and So America. Do I recall that you’re retired or still working?

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