Skyline from the Park

Skyline from the Park - New York, New York

Skyline from the Park – New York, New York

Sometime in the recent past, an image of the newly growing gangly skyline was stuck in my brain, as seen from Central Park. I wanted to recreate this for my last planned stop in New York City.

I discovered I needed to walk farther north than expected in this vast park to fulfill my ultimate vision. I wanted a broader view of the skyline to take in more of the Billionaire’s Row towers with a great foreground of green parkland. Discovering that I didn’t have enough time, I settled for this, still getting the dichotomy of nature and artificial, which works on a certain level.

I’ve repeatedly mentioned the Billionaire’s Row skyscrapers in my New York Series. However, I don’t care about the occupants of these extravagant structures. Instead, I’m fascinated by the super-tall and skinny buildings. They smack of the future, the kinds you see in sci-fi movies.

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