Couple on 8th Avenue

Couple on 8th Avenue - New York, New York

Couple on 8th Avenue – New York, New York

After my semi-successful image of the skyline from the park, I rushed back to the hotel. I needed to get to the airport as my six-day New York City trip was ending.

I ventured the equivalent of a few blocks into Central Park, roughly around 61st street. My hotel, where I temporarily stored my suitcase, was on 44th, about a mile away or a 20-minute walk. Luckily, I had time to shoot the street as I traveled south.

Not remembering my path, I did some sleuthing via Google Maps and shops I found in this photo. I took this shot on 8th Avenue near 51st street — roughly halfway to my destination. I didn’t have GPS, but often Google is all you need in New York to find the location.

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2 thoughts on “Couple on 8th Avenue

  1. It’s good to see that there are plenty of places that still look like New York. Having been a fire escape kid in the sweltering evenings of more than one New York summer (no air conditioning) that’s a bit of a nostalgia shot.

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