Avedon at the Beauty Salon

Avedon at the Beauty Salon - New York, New York

Avedon at the Beauty Salon – New York, New York

I have one more photo from my walk back to the hotel — the artwork attracted my attention. Using the power of Google, I discovered this was from Timothy John’s Salon on 8th Avenue between 52nd and 53rd streets.

I couldn’t place it, but the pop art of the woman in the space helmet seemed familiar. With three graphic variations, the artwork made for an attractive image shot through the window.

There are many pop variations of the spacewoman, as I found out. However, I was pleased to discover Richard Avedon photographed the original, one of the most famous photographers specializing in portraiture. The photograph is of model Jean Shrimpton published in Harper’s Bazaar on April 1965.

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