Queensboro Bridge

Queensboro Bridge - New York, New York

Queensboro Bridge – New York, New York

I returned to the hotel, retrieved my luggage from storage, and was ready for the airport. I briefly debated taking the subway to the airport. It would’ve saved some money, but more importantly, I wanted to take pictures from the elevated Number 7 train — part of my old stomping grounds through Queens.

In the end, the extra effort and potential security issues dissuaded me. Traveling the subways with a light camera bag was one thing. Someone with luggage seemed too much like a target. I went the modern way, hailing a car from an app. Taking a taxi seemed old-fashioned and unpredictable.

I snapped this picture of the Queensboro Bridge, which connects Manhattan to Queens. It was the usual bridge I used to get back home. Going north on the FDR Drive and looping back to Queens seemed counterintuitive but probably the fastest route. If I had taken a taxi, I would have been worried that they might be taking the long way to jack up the fare. The comforting advantage of ride-hailing is the set price. I sat back and relaxed and did some photography instead.

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