LaGuardia’s Architectural Drama

New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York

New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport – Queens, New York

We are finally at the last post from my June 2022 New York City trip. I’m at the renovated Terminal B of LaGuardia Airport, returning to Austin. There’s been much improvement in the amenities and architecture. However, this dramatic space is my favorite.

What looks like an airy hallway is a bridge connecting to the pod-like terminal. The diagonally slanted beams add interest, especially with the strong shadows cast by the afternoon light.

New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York

You might recall this bridge from my earlier post, which I covered when I arrived in New York, a mere five days ago measured in vacation time — I stayed Thursday through Tuesday. Although, in blog time, I started the NYC coverage eight months ago. My total post count for this series might be a record of 201.

New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York

I covered a lot of ground with those posts. From my early childhood stomping grounds in Flushing to the gleaming towers of Manhattan. I hit tourist spots and perhaps documented some unique perspectives through my photography.

In this last photo, you can see the miniature gray skyline of Manhattan island in the distance. The island is small, 13.4 miles long and 2.3 miles at its widest. It’s packed with details, however. Two hundred one posts sound like a lot but don’t even begin to dent its photographic opportunities.

I’m excited that future yet unplanned visits will yield additional unique imagery. I can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “LaGuardia’s Architectural Drama

  1. Great shot of the overpass at LaGuardia with the city skyline in the background! I’ve enjoyed your NYC series immensely with your fabulous images, and how it takes me back to my roots living near the city on Long Island, and my photographic ventures back to the city as an adult. It seems to have a never ending richness of photographic opportunities from its history, ever evolving architecture and wealth of street photography scenes.

    Thanks for the ride!

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