New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport

New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York

New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport – Queens, New York

For years LaGuardia Airport has been the butt of jokes. How could one of the major airports of a world-class city like New York be so substandard and dated? Finally, LaGuardia is in the midst of a major renovation. Terminal B is now fully open, first unveiled back in 2020. It appears that Terminal C is also nearing completion.

I flew into Terminal B last month as part of my visit to NYC. Being a fan of architecture and traveling through many airports, I was curious about its design. It’s been so long that I don’t remember the old LaGuardia. Other than it had low ceilings and cramped quarters.

The new Terminal B looks modern and fresh. Something that you would expect from a premier worldwide destination. LaGuardia is still a domestic-only airport. International flights to and from New York are out of Kennedy Airport. Still, a U.S. visitor should feel welcome in this new facility. I wouldn’t call it world-class. However, it’s no longer an embarrassment.

New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York

The key design feature of Terminal B is two pods connected by generous pedestrian bridges — you can see one of the bridges and pods from this view out the window. Its design allows gates around the periphery — each section supporting about a dozen.

New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York

This picture and the one up top show the pedestrian bridges. They are so large that most passengers won’t realize their design function. These structures add a sense of height and airiness that older airports lack. You use escalators to get up to the bridge, but this gives a multi-level perspective that makes the airport more dramatic.

New Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York

Going down the escalator, you see the departure check-ins on the left. You go down another level to baggage claim and ground transportation.

My friend picked me up, so I didn’t spend much time documenting. I made these quick snaps with the Fuji X100S. I did take some more photos when I was departing. I’ll reserve those until the end of this series.

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