An Expected Icon

I Love NY, LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York

I Love NY, LaGuardia Airport – Queens, New York

The I Love New York logo is ubiquitous, and I was expecting to find it somewhere in the renovated Terminal B at LaGuardia. What started as an advertising campaign became so successful that NY used it everywhere. Other places copied its concept, including the red heart. I remember buying small white T-Shirts for my sons printed with this design.

There’s a detailed writeup on Wikipedia about the ad campaign and its subsequent spread. It started in 1977 — earlier than I anticipated — near the nadir of New York’s history. In October 1975, the city almost went bankrupt. Launching a promotional campaign made sense after New York’s near-death experience.

I still remember the ads and the catchy tune that accompanied them. While New York might be going through some challenges post-COVID, they pale in comparison to the issues in the late 1970s and 1980s — I lived through that. Those troubling times colored my impression of the city. This June visit has significantly boosted my opinion about the Big Apple.

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2 thoughts on “An Expected Icon

  1. I am a native New Yorker who left the city in 2014 and have been back once in the winter of 2015. It is a very sad sight how far the city has fallen. COVID really destroyed the small businesses that made the city great. Add astonishingly naïveté reforms that give criminals more rights than victims and the city has become a truly dangerous place. So sad.

    1. Yes, I heard a lot of small businesses have been wiped out during COVID. Unfortunately, other great cities, including San Francisco, have also suffered similar issues.

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