Mort Subite Belgian Beer Bar

Mort Subite Belgian Beer Bar - Austin, Texas

Mort Subite Belgian Beer Bar – Austin, Texas

I’m not much of a beer drinker, but when my photographer friend Jim suggested a Belgian Beer Bar, I was in. Located between 3rd and 4th street on Congress Avenue, the narrow storefront is easy to miss. Once in side, a deep and adequate space awaited. At the very back, a small outside patio. It has a comfortable neighborhood bar feel. Jim and I spend an unexpectedly long time, drinking some fine beers and talking about photography and life.

Jim is quite the connoisseur and suggested something off the hand written blackboard. My first one was supposedly rated the number one beer, a few years ago. I forgot to write down its name. It was a fairly dark beer in a small glass, almost resembling a super dark wine. At around 9 percent alcohol it was nearly as potent.

The beers are certainly pricier than your average American or local craft beer. Mine was somewhere around $9, as I recall. But boy, was it good. A fine, sophisticated taste that I savored. The beers were a perfect complement to a conversation with an old friend and nicely capped off a night of photography.

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