Mort Subite: Anthony

Anthony, Mort Subite Belgian Beer Bar - Austin, Texas

Anthony, Mort Subite Belgian Beer Bar – Austin, Texas

The Canon G7X Mark II can be a capable camera, but I think it works best for static scenes — like the urban landscapes I’ve been showcasing on my recent photowalk with Jim. While I didn’t mention it, I also brought my Olympus PEN-F. For action and portraits, I prefer the Olympus. It’s a faster and more versatile camera.

I did a mini-portrait session at Mort Subite, the Belgian Beer Bar that I mentioned yesterday. It was something impromptu, possibly fueled by hours of good conversation and some beer. But, I figured, I shouldn’t just restrict my portraiture at Drink and Clicks.

My low light portrait techniques at Drink and Clicks have served me well, however, allowing me to attempt photos at inhospitable places. As you can imagine, a bar doesn’t typically have the best light. Here, I shot Anthony at 1/6 of a second at ISO 1000 at f1.6.

Overall, I’m happy with the way it came out, though it’s not without its problems. I didn’t frame it as precisely as I should have. I would include more of the beer he was pouring, if I had to do it over. That said, I think it works as an environmental portrait of Anthony, the bartender at Mort Subite.

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