Bellagio Lunar New Year

Bellagio Lunar New Year - Las Vegas, Nevada

Bellagio Lunar New Year – Las Vegas, Nevada

Traveling north on the Las Vegas strip, two casino complexes north of the Aria is the Bellagio, an upscale Italian-influenced hotel/casino extravaganza. They are famous for their dancing water fountain shows synced to music that exploded in a lagoon every 15 to 30 minutes.

Inside, a conservatory with elaborate plantings changes seasonally. Like some other hotels, they still had the Lunar New Year decorations up in mid-February. Their setup was large enough for several elaborate sets. This scene was my favorite.

Bellagio Lunar New Year - Las Vegas, Nevada

This Chinese pagoda scene was expansive, and this second picture is from another angle — same pagoda with a dynamically changing background switching from fireworks to animated graphics. Chinese New Year displays at other hotels look attractive. However, the one at the Bellagio was a destination worth visiting.

I’ll feature another scene in a future post, one that was the centerpiece of the Bellagio’s Lunar New Year display.

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