Crystals Lunar New Year

Crystals Lunar New Year - Las Vegas, Nevada

Crystals Lunar New Year – Las Vegas, Nevada

After dinner at the Aria, I headed north on the Las Vegas Strip. The Shops at Crystals is a high-end mall connected to the futuristic complex, including the Aria and Vdara casinos. I passed through the mall on the second floor and found this glowing forest of the Lunar New Year celebration.

This display has a subtle elegance; while simple, it was my favorite. And though this was not neon, it created a similar kind of glow that I seek shooting at night.

Crystals Lunar New Year - Las Vegas, Nevada

Looking down to the ground floor, I noticed a magically lit dragon on the other side of the mall. Security blocked the escalators and stairs, preventing access below. It was after hours, and only the 2nd floor was open as a passthrough. I kept the dragon in mind for a daytime capture.

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