Crystals Lunar New Year, Revisited

Crystals Lunar New Year - Las Vegas, Nevada

Crystals Lunar New Year – Las Vegas, Nevada

I featured Lunar New Year pictures from The Shops at Crystals a few days ago. A glowing red lantern-filled “forest” was my favorite display. I also noticed a golden dragon a floor below me — one that I couldn’t access late at night. So the next day, roughly 12 hours later, I revisited.

The first floor was open to visitors, and I captured the dragon up close. I contrasted the curvy body with the angular modern architecture. In retrospect, I should have explored the reverse angle. Notice the dragon is looking away, and you don’t see its face.

Traveling with friends, I was in quick snapshot mode, not fully concentrating on photography by exploring different angles. That was a mistake on my part; I only realized it after the fact.

Crystals Lunar New Year - Las Vegas, Nevada

The shopping mall tucked this golden Buddha underneath the 2nd-floor walkway, previously unseen the night before. I’m unfamiliar with Chinese New Year celebrations, wondering if money is a crucial element, but you see the coins here. And I noticed it at other hotel displays. But, of course, I was in Las Vegas, so perhaps the shows of money have more to do with that.

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