Bellagio Lunar New Year, Centerpiece

Bellagio Lunar New Year - Las Vegas, Nevada

Bellagio Lunar New Year – Las Vegas, Nevada

We’re back at the Bellagio for the last image of the series. This giant statue is the centerpiece of an elaborate Lunar New Year display and was visible from outside the conservatory — though I prefer the pagoda scene.

The biggest challenge of shooting these displays is to minimize the number of people in the frame, which can be challenging with the constant flow of visitors. I prefer the night for more drama and the red glow. However, the daytime image has its own merits.

Bellagio Lunar New Year - Las Vegas, Nevada

I explored the hotels by myself at night. The next day, I played tour guide and suggested a Bellagio visit to my friends. The daylight image has an entirely different feel, framed in portrait to show off the glass ceiling and remove the distracting crowds, which were even more numerous during the day.

I documented a couple more Lunar New Year displays in other hotels, but with a different camera and style — it didn’t fit the current aesthetic. I may show them later, along with more Las Vegas photos, in a future dedicated series.

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