Sunset, ATX Open

Sunset, ATX Open - Austin, Texas

Sunset, ATX Open – Austin, Texas

Last month, Austin hosted its first professional tennis tournament, the ATX Open. Organizers claim it’s the largest woman’s sporting event in Austin and one of only four woman’s only tennis tours in the country. I attended an evening session with my wife for the quarter-finals. Here we see Sloane Stephens from the U.S. preparing to serve.

For two weeks, the organizers transformed the swanky Westwood Country Club into a mini pro tennis center, building stadium seating as we see here. I had a great view, including a beautiful sunset behind the clubhouse and the Texas Hill Country.

The tournament allowed casual photography but limited the size of cameras, perhaps to discourage professionals. My new preferred setup, the Fujifilm X-S10 with the Fuji 16mm f2.8, looked sufficiently compact and non-professional to fly under any radar. But, of course, I still had the benefit of outstanding image quality that rivaled smartphones.

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