Atrium of Butterflies

Atrium, Neiman Marcus - Austin, Texas

Atrium, Neiman Marcus – Austin, Texas

While Neiman Marcus, at least the Austin store, is sufficiently upscale. It wasn’t particularly spectacular architecturally. The most visually exciting aspect was the central atrium.

Usually, I analyze a scene sparingly. Instead, if something about it piques my interest, I take a picture. That was the case here.

Upon deeper analysis, there’s not much to the architecture — nothing distinguishing it from a 1980s-era shopping mall — though built in this century. Instead, the butterflies add interest — hundreds of them at varying levels. So it’s the interior design that makes the difference. I often wonder where the line is between architecture and interior design. I remember a magazine called Architectural Digest, which puzzled me because all it had were pictures of interiors and furnishings.

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