Friday Night Lights Hawaiian Style

Waikiki Beach Fireworks

Waikiki Beach Fireworks – Honolulu, Hawaii

I took this photograph on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii this past August. Every Friday night somewhere around 7:45pm, the Hilton Hawaiian Village has a mini-fireworks show. It only last about 10 minutes but it’s still beautiful to watch.

Living in Texas, I’m reminded of the TV show “Friday Night Lights”. It’s about football in Texas on Friday night when many of the high schools play their weekly games. I’m not a serious football fan so I rather watch the Hawaiian Style “Friday Night Lights” instead.

I took the photo behind the Outrigger Reef hotel. The vantage point works well, I think, allowing me to include the water and beach along with the firework’s reflection. Fireworks all look the same so why bother with a closeup. Show the context of where their shot. I like how I captured the spectators to the left, as well as the light trail made by an airplane. If I had to do it over, however, I would frame a little tighter, while keeping the same overall composition.

If you are ever down in Waikiki on Friday night, look for the colorful lights. Try to get there by at least 7:30 since I’m told they don’t always start at the exact same time.

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