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It has been over 6 months since I’ve started this blog — hard to believe that I’ve posted over 50 blog articles. It all started last summer. I launched my atmtx photography gallery and blog and took the next step beyond Flickr. I wanted a more personal and customized home for my photographs. Since then, I’ve worked hard to integrate my photo gallery hosted by Smugmug and this blog on WordPress with my daily postings on Flickr. I’ve been fairly satisfied with the results. It’s great that my audience for my blog continues to increase. I’ve been able to talk about photography from my point of view and hopefully some of you have found this information useful. However, despite using Smugmug, WordPress and Flickr, I still felt that I was missing something. I wanted a place with a simple and clean interface where I could display my photos in a large format. mostlyfotos is that place.

On mostlyfotos you will see one large photograph per page. I have a small bit of text and keywords but most of the site is dedicated to that one photograph. My current plan is to post one photograph per day. Unlike my Flickr site, I plan to mix the content of my photographs a lot more. I will display a variety of locations and styles instead of creating a photo series which I tend to do on Flickr. Unlike this blog, text will be kept at a minimum. It will be mostly photos, hence the name of the site. This blog will allow me to continue talking about photography, techniques and equipment while mostlyfotos will allow me to showcase photographs.

On mostlyfotos, you will find some old favorites as well as new, never seen images. Even photograph posted to Flickr, I believe, look a lot better on mostlyfotos since the image is larger and there are fewer distractions on the page. You will be able to move through the site one photo at a time or search for an image in multiple ways such as by month, category and keywords. In addition, it will be a lot easier to share these images with others since the Facebook, Twitter and other social media share buttons are located just below the photograph. You can even send a eCard or purchase the photo via FotoMoto without leaving the site.

I hope you enjoy mostlyfotos and visit it everyday to see what new image I’ve added. I also hope you will continue to visit this blog for more photography related information.

Thank you,


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