Competitive Street Photography

Yikes! I never knew this kind of competitive street photography happens in New York and other fashion forward cities. You see the packs of sports photographers on the sidelines in the Olympics or the Superbowl, but I guess this happens in other photography genres too. Not entirely surprising. Just goes to show how intensely competitive it is in everything we do these days. There are too many people, that are too connected and doing too many similar things. This is not meant to be a criticism. I don’t consider what I do on this blog to be particularly original. How may of my photographs are truly original or different? Is my voice very different from others on the web, probably not.

Of course it’s not only in photography. It’s in other works of art and music. It’s the building we live in and work in. It’s the consumer products that we use. How many things are totally original? How many are vaguely original? I’m sure there are those out there that try to be different, in a good way, not just for the sake of being different. Trying to do things that are authentic. People know that to stand out these days, you got to do something unique. But unique is difficult and therefore standing out is difficult.

Though we are in the midst of Fashion Week in Austin, I don’t think this kind of fashionista photo hunting is going to happen in Austin. At 100+ degrees, the fashion challenge in Austin is to stay cool, not look cool.

7 thoughts on “Competitive Street Photography

  1. Yeah I saw that this morning. “Hey you in your ugly pants, stand in front of that building so I can take a bad snapshot of you.”. (3:08) What a load of crap and a giant waste of time.

  2. What the heck do they do with those photos? Review them over and over on their computers? Try to sell them? If so, to whom? Who would pay for them? National Enquirer? Why would even they want them?

    Obviously I just don’t get it…

    1. Gregg, many of the people featured in the video are fashion bloggers. There is a very popular blog called “The Sartorialist” that these guys are emulating to some extent.

  3. I’ve really struggled with the idea of street photography. There are certainly images I like and there is an art to it. However, I’m not comfortable with the idea of “stalking” people on the street with a camera. This video is taking it to the worst extreme. It is no longer a capture of a “decisive moment.” This is an ambush and a total invasion of privacy in my opinion. I’d be pissed if a group of idiots with cameras jumped in front of me and started snapping away as I was walking down a street. I had to laugh at the one photographer who talked about capturing intimacy in a shot. Really? After you just stuck your lens in someone’s face unexpectedly? Selfish morons.

  4. This is not street photography any more than shooting deer at a feeder is “hunting”.
    What a bunch of unimaginative copy cats…the worst part is the waste of fine equipment- I’d bet 3 to 1 that most of those cameras are on “auto”.


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