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Hannah, Bella Salon Shoot - Austin, Texas

Hannah, Bella Salon Shoot – Austin, Texas

Last night I did some strobist portraits at the Bella Salon in downtown Austin. My friend Steve was nice enough to invite me along to his salon shoot. While this session was fashion and portrait related, it had nothing to do with last week’s Austin Fashion Week events. That ended on Saturday and I’m still recovering from all the shooting I did. At one event, I ended up shooting about 1,500 images. I managed to whittle down my winners to about 200 and finished processing them over the weekend. I’ll blog more about some of those events in the near future.

Today’s post is about this post Fashion Week salon shoot. A hand full of models were getting extreme, fun makeovers based vaguely on a super hero theme. There were 3 photographers each setup in different parts of the salon. Steve and Peter are primarily portrait photographers and they both had larger and more elaborate setups than mine. I only dabble in portraiture and had my modest one umbrella and one flash setup. Strobist refers to a movement where you use small battery-powered flashes to do portraits. That is what I did using a radio trigger that controlled my Canon 430EX flash shot through a 42 inch umbrella.

I shot with my Canon 7D with my 35mm f2.0 lens. I used a fairly large f2.8 aperture to make a shallow depth of field portrait and I positioned the umbrella closeup and manually adjusted the flash to 1/8 power. My setup was such that longer full length portraits would not work as well. I concentrated on shallow DOF head shots with a gentle light. Hannah, pictured above was going for an angry, determined look. I like the contrast of her hazel eyes, red hair and blue accents. It’s been a while since I shot these kind of strobist portraits but it was fun. Certainly different from the quick bounce flash portraits I took last week and worlds away from my usual urban landscapes and street photography that I typically do. It’s always fun to mix things up. Last night was a fun opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. There are more portraits to come and I’ll blog about them as I finish my post-processing.

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4 thoughts on “Back to strobist portraits with Hannah

    1. Both good suggestions to use a bounce card or a wall. Unfortunately, there were no walls that didn’t have stuff on them and none of the walls were white-ish. I could get a bounce card, and someone to hold it, that would have been the easiest way.

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