A N.Y. Ranger in San Francisco

A Ranger in Chinatown - San Francisco, California

A Ranger in Chinatown – San Francisco, California

Street photography is unpredictable. Maybe that’s why I like it. I captured this guy in Chinatown in San Francisco. There is a certain goofiness about it and I love the image. For the unfamiliar, the Rangers are a professional ice hockey team from New York City.

Shooting Chinatown was really fun. There is a moody, grungy and a slightly disconnected from the present, feel to the place. Is it the architecture? Is it the kitschy Asian trinkets? Is it the decidedly local, mom and pop restaurants? They all blend together for a great non-suburban experience. It’s dirty, aging and decidedly unordered. A fine subject for photography, I’d say.

I posted my favorite Chinatown building last week, and I did street photography too, after I left the Market Street area. The downtown business district was getting too dark for effective people shots. The last of the still open Chinatown shops lit up the tourists, making them fine targets for the Olympus E-P5 and the f1.8 lens that I was testing during the trip.

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3 thoughts on “A N.Y. Ranger in San Francisco

  1. Andy,

    I must say I like the perspective of the 17mm (35mm equivalent) lens. Even though Cartier-Bresson’s early work was with a 50mm (until he could afford a 35mm) is considered “the standard” there was a reason he bought the 35. 😉

    The colors “pop” quite nicely. I especially liked the photo of the woman getting off the bus in your interesting review of the EP-5.



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