How to make unique photos, guaranteed

Much has been written about how it’s next to impossible to make unique photos today. Millions of cameras and billions of photos. Every exotic spot explored. Every new style relentlessly copied. Uniqueness is currency, they say. That it doesn’t matter how well a photograph is executed, if it’s derivative. Well I know how to make unique photos — ones that will grow in value as time passes.

There is nothing really unique on this site. My HDR urban landscapes, perhaps well executed but nothing special. I’m not really much of a portrait photographer. My street photography? Nothing that you haven’t seen some place else. No, you won’t find my unique photos here. They’re too special.

I once attended a talk by Dan Winters, a famous, master portrait photographer. He’s shot numerous celebrities, sports superstars and even the President of the United States. Who was the most important person he shot? The person he closed his talk with? His father.

Celebrities photos are not unique — they don’t have much value. How many photos do you have of your kids, your spouse, your parents? I’m not talking about smartphone snaps. I’m not talking about stilted portraits from school. I’m talking about wonderfully candid images that capture the essence of their being. Images captured in mundane places like the supermarket not just vacation spots like Disneyland.

For all the shooting I do, I’m most interesting in taking great photos of my family, because they are the most important people in the world. Photos of them are rare since unlike a national monument, a famous actor or sport figure, no one else takes photos of them. Rare equals unique.

Unlike most things in the world, these photographs only grow more valuable with age. Learn how to use a real camera. Take great photos of your family and friends. You won’t regret it.

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