Another business trip and I’m only taking one camera this time

Crest Theater and its glorious neon - Sacramento, California

Crest Theater and its glorious neon – Sacramento, California

It’s been a very busy year so far and I’m off to the Sacramento yet again, for a week. I went there twice in February. I took this photo of the Crest Theater on one of those trips, something that’s typical for me. Give me color, the city, darker conditions and sprinkle in some neon and I’m happy.

As you know, I usually take at least two cameras, maybe more, on my trips. My Olympus E-PM2 setup is mostly dedicated to my urban landscapes, that’s what I used for the Crest. The other is usually for candids and street photography or whatever my newest camera is, that I’m playing with. This time I’m only bringing one camera.

March is a busy time in Austin, photographically. With SXSW (South by Southwest) and the Rodeo, there are lots of target rich photo opportunities. Despite my recent hectic schedule, I did manage to get out some and shoot. I’ve been testing two cameras during those events, the Fujifilm X100S and the Olympus OM-D E-M10. Those photos and camera comparisons are coming as soon as I can put some blog posts together.

I find the OM-D E-M10 extraordinarily easy to shoot. First, I’m very familiar with the Olympus cameras, which I own and have tested extensively. These latest cameras are also very much “perfected”, meaning any of the niggles from past models have long been addressed. I’m not saying the E-M10 is a perfect camera but I do say it’s well honed.

The X100S is a different story. Other than owning the small XF1 point and shoot, I’m new to Fuji — I’m not as familiar with its controls or its quirks. I hear the X100S is a lot less quirky than its predecessor, but there is still some strangeness. Things I need to get use to. So on this trip, I’m taking just the X100S. I need more hands on time to increase my muscle memory.

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4 thoughts on “Another business trip and I’m only taking one camera this time

    1. I like 28mm to 35mm equivalents so a 30mm seems nice but I’m not buying it for $600, not yet anyway.

      For that price, I’m more interested in the Olympus 9-18mm. That would work nicely for my urban landscapes.

      1. Nice lens review. Despite your reservations with the 9-18mm, I think it can work for my urban landscapes. I usually don’t shoot wide open for those.

        If anything the 15mm will work for my street photography. I like wider for my landscapes and even a 14 seems tight at times. The faster lens won’t make too much of a difference for my urban landscapes since I typically shoot those on a tripod.

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