Cameras and brand loyalty, what’s that?

Last week, someone said that he was surprised that I wasn’t using an Olympus — I was out and about with my Fuji X100S and Nikon J1. They incorrectly pegged me as just an Olympus guy. Well I am an Olympus guy but also a Fujifilm guy a Canon guy and a Nikon guy. I don’t have a Pentax but I have no problems using them too.

I really don’t think much of brand loyalty, at least with cameras. Sure I gravitate towards Canon and Olympus because of all the lenses that I already own. There’s a considerable expense to start a new system with another company. So sure, there is some level of “lock-in” but that’s different from brand loyalty.

What’s important is how the camera works. Does it fulfill my needs? If not, I’m up for trying something else.

As much as I like playing with different cameras, they’re just tools — a means to an end. And switching out cameras is not hard. They all fundamentally do the same thing. Of course, some work better than others for a certain type of shooting. Use enough cameras and you really begin to understand their strengths and shortcomings.

Canon and Nikon make great DSLRs but does that mean they make the best point and shoots or mirrorless cameras? Probably not. Fujifilm and Olympus put their strength in mirrorless because they can’t complete in DSLR market. Panasonic is pushing forward in video because that’s their remaining strength. And Sony, they just seem to be aiming in all directions and see what sticks.

My perspective on mirrorless cameras is more valuable precisely because I don’t just use one brand. I know there are limitations to Olympus. I don’t think that Fujifilm is the second coming. And while I rag on Canon from time to time, they are taking the conservative and logical approach to preserve their lucrative DSLR sales.

As for the EOS M, there ain’t no way to explain that one. 😉

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