Off to the land of the rising sun

Kokeshi on Display, Store Window - Kyoto, Japan

Kokeshi on Display, Store Window – Kyoto, Japan

I’m leaving for Japan tomorrow for about 2 weeks. As you can guess, there will be a lot of photography, mostly in the Tokyo area this time. As an urban photographer, I’m looking forward to shooting in one of the largest cities in the world. By metropolitan area, Tokyo still ranks number one with 37 million people. Considerably larger than Austin’s modest 2 million.

I find that in big cities, my mind is overwhelmed by the photo possibilities. A consequence of training to see in a moderate size city like Austin. Of course, I’ll only visit and capture a small sliver of Tokyo. Two weeks are not a lot of time, after all.

I’m bringing my Fujifilm X100S and my Nikon 35Ti. Both compact cameras with 35mm equivalent lenses. One digital. One film. I’m not planning to shoot much film, I’ll bring only 4 rolls, just in case. Digital is still going to be the primary method.

The currency exchange gods are in my favor and the Yen recently fell to a 7 year low against the U.S. Dollar. What does that mean? A great opportunity to buy cameras of course. Yeah, I know, I already have too many. I no longer deny that shooting and collecting many different cameras are a source of fun for me. Especially as I’ve gotten into film.

I thought about buying a bunch of old film cameras in Japan, but I’ve decided against it. I didn’t want to add undue stress testing cameras during my short stay. I want to maximize my shooting time and enjoy myself. Instead, I’ve started buying cameras here in the U.S., even if they might be a little more expensive. I’ll buy from Precision, KEH or Adorama where I can adequately test equipment and return it if necessary.

However, the weak Yen makes for a fantastic opportunity to pickup new digital cameras. I have one in mind, along with some lenses. That’s the camera I’m going to use to create my urban HDRs. I’ve mentioned the camera before but I’ll hold off talking about it until I get it and shoot with it.

As usual, during my trips, I’ll be doing updates through my Instagram Account. I suspect that I’ll have minimal or no updates on this blog until I get back. Have a great Thanksgiving to my U.S. readers. Thank you for continuing to visit my blog.

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6 thoughts on “Off to the land of the rising sun

  1. If you read this before you leave; I’ll be leaving 1 December for two weeks in Tokyo, so we might overlap. I’ll be staying at Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo. It would be interesting if we could meet up, even briefly. Perhaps a selfie of the two of us in the downtown area 🙂

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