The best sunset of my Big Bend Trip

Highway Sunset - San Antonio, Texas

Highway Sunset – San Antonio, Texas

I got back from my first excursion to Big Bend last night, actually right during the Super Bowl. No worries, I’m more interested in photography than football. It was a good trip and this city boy made it safely though 5 days in the country.

The weather was better than expected but we still had a fair amount of overcast or uninspiring skies. Ironically, the best sunset occurred on the way back home. I shot these photos out the back of the minivan as we passed through San Antonio, Texas. Beautiful skies to be sure, but we all wished that we got something like this out in Big Bend — mountain silhouettes are usually more inspiring than overpasses. But of course, I’m usually an urban photographer so perhaps it’s just fate.

Highway Sunset - San Antonio, Texas

Therein lies the challenge with landscape photography, of course. You have no control of the weather and not much control over the light. Composition maybe the only saving grace but that only goes so far. So on my first serious landscape photography trip, I learned to make do with whatever I had. It was a fun time and I’ll certainly talk about the details over the next bunch of posts.

Highway Sunset - San Antonio, Texas

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2 thoughts on “The best sunset of my Big Bend Trip

  1. Hi Andy,
    It was great to share our first trip to Big Bend.
    Reading your article above reminded me of this video that I have attached the link below. Be sure to have a look. It ask for your email address to watch it…but you can use to see it. Very inspirational for situations like the one we found ourselves in Big Bend. Look forward to seeing more of you work from the trip here.

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