I’m getting rid of my 40+ cameras and moving to the EOS M

Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M

I’ve come to realize that my G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is out of control and I need to take drastic action. What’s the first step to recovery? Admitting that there’s a problem, right? I’m taking some extreme steps. I’m getting rid of all my cameras and moving to the Canon EOS M.

The EOS M was Canon’s first foray into the interchangeable mirrorless world. It hasn’t been the most successful camera but I’ve come to realize it’s a diamond in the rough. A jewel that sparkles only in hindsight. Here are my top 10 reasons to move to the EOS M.

1. Since it’s several years old (released in 2012), the prices on the used market are dirt cheap. A quick look on eBay reveals that body only prices start at around $150 and less than $250 for a one lens kit.

2. Forget about 1 inch and micro 4/3 sensors, the EOS M has a comparably huge APS-C variety.

3. There’s an EOS M native 22mm f2 prime lens (equivalent to 35mm) which is my favorite focal length. Perfect for the street and for travel.

4. With only 5 or so native EOS M lenses — I don’t have to spend much money — if I decide to get the complete set. This helps keep G.A.S. in check.

5. I can attach my Canon EF lenses with an adapter. The comparably large EF lenses will be unbalanced on the small EOS M body but who cares, the big lenses, especially my white L lens will look cool.

6. Its modest focusing speed will allow me to concentrate on getting the shot right, before clicking the shutter — just like film photography — but with the convenience of digital and without the expense of film.

7. The touch screen controls and the lack of a view finder means, I have the freedom to shoot the camera like a smartphone, which is the universally preferred method.

8. I’ll no longer be accused of being a hipster wannabe, which is a problem with my Fujifilm X100S or if I bought the sleek and retro Olympus PEN F.

9. Its restrained design means that it won’t be stolen. I can probably leave it on the street, for hours, and be assured that it’ll still be there when I get back. The perfect street camera.

10. The EOS M increases my creativity, since I needed to think outside the box, to make up reasons to use this camera.

Happy April Fools’ Day.

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8 thoughts on “I’m getting rid of my 40+ cameras and moving to the EOS M

  1. Yep– you had me going there for a moment. I started picturing how I could take the plunge…

    Good one!

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