6th Street Bikers

6th Street Bikers, ROT Rally 2016 - Austin, Texas

Congress Avenue gets top billing with the ROT Rally parade, but I prefer the jumbled mess of 6th Street. Before the main downtown festivities, bikers from the east pack every available space of this bar filled side street. A narrow runway of cones carves out a path.

I used longer focal lengths than usual, with my Panasonic ZS50. The senior rider below, at a 90mm equivalent, looks wide relative to the two other images at 400mm. Which goes to show that wide-angle is a relative term.

Part of my Photo Sketchbook Collection.

6th Street Bikers, ROT Rally 2016 - Austin, Texas
6th Street Bikers, ROT Rally 2016 - Austin, Texas

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4 thoughts on “6th Street Bikers

  1. Excellent coverage of the the 6th Street Bikers Andy. The old story, it’s not the camera, it’s the person behind it. Your new “photo sketchbook” camera is amazing but these days it’s almost impossible to find a camera that doesn’t take decent images, that’s how technology has progressed. My pocket Canon S120 does great photo’s, many on my flickr site are from the Canon. The Sony RX100 lV is phenomenal as are the l, ll and lll. I like zoom range of the ZS50 and can see it as an excellent travel camera. Thanks for all the great photo’s and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks John. There are many great compact cameras these days. The Canon S120 and Sony RX100 series have better/larger sensors and faster lenses so they do even better. The ZS50’s benefit is it’s super long zoom and compact size. The lens is slow and the sensor is smaller.

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