Ultimate GAS

Classic Cameras, Austin Camera and Imaging – Austin, Texas

GAS, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome, is a serious disease that can infect the best of us. Photographers are particularly prone, with a multitude of new models released on an endless cycle, as well as a huge number of classic cameras.

Among my photographer friends in Austin, whenever they hear about some crazy guy with a lot of cameras, they think of me. Recently, Mark sent me a link to this video.

Meet Dilish Parekh. He holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of cameras. At 4,500, he owns over two orders of magnitude more than I do. My 40+ cameras seem meager in comparison. In defense, most of my cameras cost a lot more than the $15 Mr. Parekh’s spent on some of his purchases. Of course, that’s nothing to be proud about.

My GAS may be abating. I’ve only bought three cameras this year and two of them were only $5 each.

Incidentally, I shot the photo up top at Austin Camera and Imaging with an iPhone 5s post processed in Snapseed. Austin Camera is a relatively new store that has a nice selection of older cameras.

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4 thoughts on “Ultimate GAS

  1. I wish we had a camera store like that somewhere in our area. They have quite a few good ones in New York, but up here, nothing much. I was worried when I saw the picture that these were all YOUR cameras. But then again, I have a fair number myself, come to think about it.

    1. The photo is deceptive. There’s actually only 5 cameras displayed with 7 or so reflections. I have more cameras than this. I wish I had a nice display case. My cameras are scattered throughout the house.

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