Relaxing on Waikiki Beach

Relaxing, Waikiki Beach - Honolulu, Hawaii

Unlike my last several visits, when I went to Hawaii this year, I didn’t wake up early to shoot the sunrise. Rather than taking my tripod and shooting serious photos, I did a leisurely stroll with the Panasonic ZS50. With a few visits under my belt, I wasn’t pushing myself to get that perfect shot. I used a modest point and shoot to see what I could capture.

It was still early in the morning and these tourists were relaxing on Waikiki Beach. I zoomed to a 90mm equivalent and was able to frame the two women and what they were watching, the surfers off in the distance.

Part of my Photo Sketchbook Collection.

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3 thoughts on “Relaxing on Waikiki Beach

  1. How does the Panasonic ZS50 compare to the Olympus XZ1 you tested a few months ago? I remember you liked that camera as well.

    You blog has a ton of really great information and looks terrific. I only wish we could search it more easily.

    1. Hi Laurent,

      Overall, I prefer the Olympus XZ1. I like the image quality and color better. However, the ZS50 has a longer zoom range and better image stabilization and maybe better controls.

      I’m in the midst of improving the organization of the blog, however, under the menu section, at the very bottom, there is a search box which works decently. Type in a keyword like XZ1 and it will pull up posts. The Menu is access via the 3 horizontal line icon on the top right.

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