Golden Gate Bridge from afar

Golden Gate Bridge, Battery Crosby - San Francisco, California

Several years ago, I made my first trip out to Battery Crosby on the north-western shore of San Francisco. The park like area, with the rocky cliffs, hiking trails, the beach and the roar of the Pacific Ocean, makes it a wonderful place to shoot. So different from the gritty and eclectic downtown area. I was determined to make photos of the iconic bridge but different from the usual tourist vantage points.

I used an Olympus E-PM2 and the standard kit lens. It’s a 3 image HDR, blended in my usual style. It goes to show that you don’t need loads of expensive gear to make a great photograph. Back then, the E-PM2 was the low-end of Olympus’ micro 4/3 camera line.

Now, on the used market, you can pick one up for under $300. And while this compact camera doesn’t have the speed and the extras of the modern-day OM-D, the sensor is pretty much the same. Meaning, if you don’t need a super fast camera, the old E-PM2 can produce the same image quality.

I blogged about my experience shooting from Battery Crosby, back in May of 2013. Today’s post is part of my Technicolor Collection, where I celebrate HDR photography.

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