Celissa shot with the Olympus 25mm f1.2

Celissa models an Olympus - Austin, Texas

Celissa models an Olympus – Austin, Texas

I was over at Precision Camera today, to look at the new gear recently announced by Olympus. The OM-D E-M1 Mark II looks promising with an unbelievably fast shutter speed. It’ll be interesting to see how this latest mirrorless camera compares with DSLRs for sports and action.

I was attracted, however, to a new lens, the Olympus 25mm f1.2. Anything less than a f1.4 seems exotic to me — it’s something that you don’t typically hear about. While it’s a, not too shabby, 50mm f2.4, in full frame equivalents, you get a fantastic f1.2 of light gathering goodness. I asked Celissa to pose for me.

At f1.2, Celissa is sharp but the Olympus camera she was modeling is out of focus. More depth of field than I’m typically used to, with micro 4/3. The bokeh, or the quality of out of focus area, looks wonderful. The lens is a sturdy metal build and weather sealed. It’s not as big as I imagined and comfortable even with the modest grip on the OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

Celissa checks status- Austin, Texas

Here’s another one of Celiisa, which works better I think. The out of focus smartphone looks less distracting. With the smaller sensor, micro 4/3 typically doesn’t have as much depth of field, which is, of course, determined by physics. But with the new larger aperture primes, Olympus is overcoming this limitation to some extent. Even wide open, the lens is very sharp. It’s not the dreamy soft look of the Canon 50mm f1.4, for example. The f1.2 on the Olympus is very usable.

Brett and Celissa - Austin, Texas
Brett and Celissa - Austin, Texas

Even with the f1.2 aperture, like any lens, the further you get from the subject, the more that’s in focus. The top image of Brett and Celissa is nicely separated from the background. Step back further, again at f1.2, and a lot more is in focus. It makes for a fantastic low light lens.

Brett shoots a mystery camera - Austin, Texas

Finally, here’s your chance to write the caption to this fun photograph. If you think of a good caption, feel free to write it in the comments area. We came up with a few:

The new Olympus camera comes in black, white and transparent.

Brett has the new Olympus camera, but it’s still under embargo, so we can’t show it to you.

The new Olympus camera is so small, you can’t see it.

The Olympus 25mm f1.2 looks like a winner, though at $1,199, it’s quite pricy. I have the Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4, so I’m covered for now. But no doubt, this new Olympus lens is sure tempting.

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9 thoughts on “Celissa shot with the Olympus 25mm f1.2

  1. I use the 25mm f1.4 as my “default” lens on the OMD. It seems to have many of the same characteristics as the 1.2, except for being nominally slower. It’s rather wider anger than you think it should be. Lots of bent buildings … and surprising shallow DOF.

    1. The Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 is great lens. I prefer a wider 17mm for my default but for a normal 50 equivalent, it’s great.

      From what I’ve been reading the Olympus 25mm f1.2 might be magical. Looks like they pulled out all the stops.

      1. I admit I’ve been looking at it. Kind of pricey for me, but worse, I’m lusting after the F. Right now, I’ve blown my budget on this incredible computer, so next time I can even think about it, the camera is up. Maybe I’ll console myself with a new filter, should I find one I think I might use.

  2. Have you had an opportunity to compare the lower priced Olympus 25mm f/1.8 to the Panasonic f/1.4? The new Oly 25mm costs twice as much as I’ve ever been able to justify for a camera, let alone for a lens. But I’d still like to keep my eye open for a used or discounted 50mm equivalent.

    1. I’ve never tried the Olympus 25 f1.8, but I hear it’s a fantastic lens. I came out way after I got the Panasonic Leica 25 f1.4. If I didn’t own a 25mm, I would probably by the Olympus 25mm f1.8. It’s small, light and the least expensive. I would get the black version, though. I think the 25 1.8 is a similar plastic build as the 45 f1.8, which I have in silver. I don’t like the way the lines of the grip look after I’ve used it for a while. I’m thinking that the black would wear better? But I’m not sure about that.

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