Photoshoot at the Iolani Palace

Photoshoot at the Iolani Palace - Honolulu, Hawaii

Photoshoot at the Iolani Palace – Honolulu, Hawaii

This is not my photoshoot. I just crashed someone else’s wedding photoshoot, because the couple made a nice foreground element, to the historic palace. The actual photographer was using a professional looking DSLR and directing the couple. I was acting like a tourist, which I actually was, shooting with my Panasonic ZS50 travel point and shoot.

As a break from Waikiki Beach, I road a city bus downtown and took pictures, in and around the State Capitol. The Iolani Palace, located just across from the Capitol, is where the Kings and Queens of Hawaii lived, before it became part of the United States.

Shot with my Panasonic ZS50 at a 35mm equivalent. Part of my experiments in the Photo Sketchbook Collection. Click on the photo, to see a larger version.

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