San Antonio River Walk

River Walk - San Antonio, Texas

River Walk – San Antonio, Texas

One of the famous and notable features of San Antonio, is the River Walk, which ties together many of the downtown points of interest. A dam on the San Antonio river keeps a constant level and there is flourishing restaurant and bar scene punctuated by public art and surrounded by hotels. Understandably, it’s a tourist attraction and works well with the big conventions that the city hosts.

The River Walk adds dimensionality to the city with an active pedestrian area, below the traditional streets, for a two tiered effect. Business often have entrances at the river level as well as the city street level. When I first moved to Austin, some 25 years ago, I always brought out-of-towners to San Antonio — there’s a lot more touristy things to do. As much as I love Austin, I don’t think it’s particularly interesting for tourists, except for, perhaps, the live music venues.

I took this photo right outside the Lila Cockrell Theater, this past Friday. I didn’t have time to make many images, so I do need to go back for an extend photo outing. Sections of the River Walk nicely blends old and new for worthwhile urban landscapes. The busy pedestrian area is also ideal for street photography.

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6 thoughts on “San Antonio River Walk

  1. The Riverwalk was an unexpected delight when we visited six years back. Texas cities tend more towards the grand rather than human in urban design. Hitler’s architect Speer would have felt quite at home in Texas – indeed, much of America.

    So to find a whole precinct that works in a subtle, pleasant, useful and above all human way was a breath of fresh air.

    I like your shot here. Captures people as well as forms. Shows contrast in texture and shape. Nicely done.

    1. Thank you, Pete. Yes, the River Walk and downtown San Antonio is nicely scaled for people. The old squares are an influence from the original Spanish settlers. There is also a German district too. I’m glad you liked it.

      1. I loved it. I’ve always felt at home in Texas. Reminds me a lot of Southeast Queensland, where I grew up. San Antonio was a lot of fun. We arrived on some sort of feast night and the place was rocking. The Riverwalk struck me as inspired, more on a human scale than grand monumental squares.

        And yes, the Spanish are big on both. I liked Barcelona which had places for large gatherings, and places for people to just live and walk their dogs and chill.

      2. Never been to Spain. I need to go there, someday. I’m glad you liked Texas. Austin doesn’t have a River Walk but it has a lively downtown with a lot of restaurants, bars and live music.

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