Photo Essay: A Staircase as Art

Library Stairs - Austin, Texas

Library Stairs – Austin, Texas

As I was shooting around the new Austin Central Public Library, I became fascinated by the staircase that leads to the parking garage. Perhaps more than I should. But it was shiny, colorful and architectural.

The hard geometry made it interesting, with a look that can change noticeably, just with a slight shift in perspective. Also, the LEDs from the library, which continuously changed colors, brilliantly mixed with the yellow stair lighting. Between the color choices and the different angles, there was quite a variety. One that I explored in this short photo essay.

Goes to show that even something mundane as a staircase can be a subject of study. And, perhaps with a bit of imagination, it can even be called art. I shot all photos handheld with the Canon G7X Mark II compact camera.

Library Stairs - Austin, Texas
Library Stairs - Austin, Texas
Library Stairs - Austin, Texas
Library Stairs - Austin, Texas
Library Stairs - Austin, Texas

In this last photo, a car was exiting from the parking lot across the street. The headlights almost look like the eyes of a mysterious animal, hidden in the dark.

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92 thoughts on “Photo Essay: A Staircase as Art

  1. The 4th and 5th shot of the staircase gives me a feeling of nausea. The shot captures the action as if the viewer is in it and falling. Nicely done.

  2. There’s art values in every thing whether man made or not. Finding the perfect view is something that makes you feel like it’s something of personal interest that we need to share that thought

      1. Well, I haven’t actually been there since1981. I lived there a few months. It seemed that way to me, but then I was battling depression and alcoholism at the time. It was hot. The roads left town and went on in desert for eternity. And I was told by a local in a bar once that if you argued with someone and then went into the bathroom, better be waiting for them to come in and attack you in the stall. I’m from cool, rainy Oregon. They only played country music in Austin then. I’m a small town guy I guess.

      2. Donald, I’m sure the weather has not changed much in Austin since 1981, but the city is very different and vibrant. But, a lot bigger so you may still not like it.

  3. How often we can overlook underrated pieces of modern architecture. I love libraries – for a lot of them, it seems great detail, care and art were put into making them. One of my favorites is the DTLA library and another would be the Denver library.

  4. I love this! I think anyone who has a creative streak has looked at an inanimate object and thought: that’s art – you capture this beautifully in your photos!

  5. you found the simplicity of art and the complexity of reality and provided everyone woth a whole new iteration of the world of art

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