Editors’ Picks on WordPress

atmtx on WordPress.com Editors' Choice

atmtx on WordPress.com Editors’ Picks

Three weeks ago, I was honored to have Wordress.com feature one of my posts for their Editors’ Picks. The corresponding spike in viewership, likes and subscribes gave me a very pleasant dopamine rush. For all the new subscribers to my blog, welcome. I hope you enjoy my daily posts, usually with a photography angle and a bit of a story.

Back in 2012, more than six years ago, WordPress mentioned me twice on “Freshly Pressed”, which appears to be a precursor to the current Editor’s Picks. The effect of the Editors’ Picks lasted longer with a record 555 likes, my highest ever, by a long shot. Blogging can be a lonely and solitary sport and having a little attention cast, even for a short time, was enjoyable.

So what did they feature? My photo essay called “A Staircase as Art”, shots taken with my Canon G7X Mark II of the staircase at the Austin Central Public Library. A neat but humble bit of everyday architecture at a Library that’s garnering a lot of attention.

I’m sure most of my recent visitors have no interest in what camera I used. Really, only the photo enthusiasts, care. Which goes to show, a compact camera is more than adequate to make an impact. To make Art. No need, really, for the latest costly full frame mirrorless.

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9 thoughts on “Editors’ Picks on WordPress

  1. Congrats! It feels good to have your work singled out and featured like this. I enjoy your writing and pictures, this one was specially very interesting.

  2. Here’s hoping those new readers are interested enough to explore some of the back catalog. Anyone inspired to click on the “library” tag associated with that featured piece will have a chance to see the interior staircase series. That is a seriously successful bit of photography — and still manages to scare the hell out of me when I browse the photos and cannot help but think of the consequences of falling from near the top.

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