Photographers Get Ready

Photographers Get Ready, Auditorium Shores - Austin, Texas

Photographers Get Ready, Auditorium Shores – Austin, Texas

Here’s a behind the scenes photo from our outing, with my photographer friends that I’ve been talking about recently. We were down on Auditorium Shores on Lady Bird Lake, directly across from the downtown skyline. My newest lens just happened to arrive hours before and it was a perfect time to test it. It’s a fun toy lens, the Olympus Fisheye Bodycap which only costs $100. It’s fixed 18mm equivalent with an unchangeable f8 aperture. What I thought was a limited use lens turned out to be a lot better than I ever expected.

From left to right, there’s Dave who shoots full frame Nikon, Jim in the middle with some flavor of Sony A7 full frame mirrorless and Michael, who was visiting from Ohio, and shoots a Canon full frame. I’m the only one with a smaller micro 4/3 sensor.

On the other hand, I’m also the only one who didn’t have and need a big backpack. I had my Olympus PEN-F, which I used to shoot this photo, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the 9-18mm super wide-angle, a separate Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 lens and a Ricoh GR, all in a small and light bag.

Do I miss full frame? Nah, I’m just having a blast shooing with my light and go anywhere Olympus cameras. Just look at my urban landscapes from the last few days. Perfectly great image quality. Can the full frame cameras produce higher technical image quality? Sure. But I optimize for fun. Also, there’s a notation of “Sufficiency” and I can still shoot virtually any scene with the Olympus, without limitation.

What’s sufficiency? Well, to give a car analogy, a Porsche 911 will handle and accelerate a lot better than say, a Honda Accord. But for real world, day-to-day driving, on our traffic filled streets, the 911 is not going to get you there any faster than an Accord. Sure, you might look cooler for having the 911, like perhaps a full frame, but the actual performance makes surprisingly little difference.

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8 thoughts on “Photographers Get Ready

      1. Maybe there is a market for compact weight packs for mirrorless shooters to add to their small bags so they don’t miss out on the health benefits of DSLR shooting.

      2. Actually, Jim had a really nice and more compact ThinkTank backpack designed for mirrorless. It even has a place for a laptop computer. Though, if I had that backpack, I probably have enough space for 2 or more Olympus bodies and all my lenses. He carries his larger Sony full frame mirrorless with it.

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